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We dedicate a large part of our day in overseeing the production of our polished diamonds. We use: traditional tools like hand held measuring gauges, state of the art optical and laser equipment, a little imagination and year of experience to help plan the blueprint for each and every diamond. The plan may require us to split the diamond to create two or more diamonds from a single piece of rough diamond. We can cleave it with essentially a chisel along any octahedral plane; saw it with a diamond powdered blade along any cubic plane or laser it in any direction. Each process has it own advantages and disadvantages. Now our diamond cutter who are regarded as some of the best in the world begin to contour the diamond into its shape. Using a polishing wheel, horizontally rotating steel wheel embedded with diamond powder, our master cutters slowly bring to life the miracle trap within. The average rough diamond will lose 50% of its original weight on the polishing surface before it is transformed into an object of beauty and value.


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